6D Pose of Texture-less Objects (ICRA 2016)

We present a dataset for estimating the 6D pose of texture-less objects from sequences of images. Each object in the dataset is composed of a 3D model (in STL format), and a sequence of images annotated with ground-truth. The ground-truth of each image consists in a rigid body transformation (rotation and translation) representing the 3D motion between the object and the world coordinates systems. These ground-truth poses have been accurately estimated using a VICON motion-capture system.

image03    image04




Download and unpack the file containing the MATLAB code for using and visualizing the ground-truth (code.tar.gz). Instructions for executing the code and installing the data files are in the README.txt file.

Description of the models

The VGM-6D dataset contains (so far) six objects:

  1. pistonrod.tar.gz (93Mb) A pistonrod built in white resin.
  2. screw.tar.gz (53Mb) A hex-head screw made of white resin. 
  3. gear.tar.gz (77Mb) A spur gear manufactured in blue plastic.
  4. nut.tar.gz (77Mb) A hexagonal nut manufactured in white resin.
  5. L-shape.tar.gz (167Mb) A L-shape bracket built in black steel.
  6. pipe.tar.gz (121Mb) A chromed  pneumatic manifold block.


VGM 6D 6D Pose of Texture less Objects Dataset



Please remember to cite our paper if you use the dataset:


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