Xiangping Zhu

PhD Student Fellow


Research interests:

Person Association and Re-Identification, Deep Learning, Weakly Supervised Learning, Multi-Task Learning, Domain Adaptation, Metric Learning

I also did research on the statistical filter, industrial data mining, data-driven fault diagnosis, control theory, etc. If you are interested, feel free to ask for my CV for more details.

Email: xiangping.zhu@iit.it or xiangping.zhu2010@gmail.com 




IIT Publications

  • 2019
  • Zhu X.iit, Zhu X., Li M., Murino V.iit, Gong S.

    Intra-Camera Supervised Person Re-Identification: A New Benchmark

    Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision Workshops, ICCVW 2019
  • Zhu X.iit, Morerio P.iit, Murino V.iit

    Unsupervised Domain-Adaptive Person Re-identification Based on Attributes

    2019 26th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP)
  • 2017
  • Zhu X.iit, Bhuiyan A., Mekhalfi M.L., Murino V.iit

    Exploiting Gaussian Mixture Importance for Person Re-identification

    Int’l Conf. on Advanced Video and Signal based Surveillance


2017, Best Paper, Honorable Mention in AVSS2017